Secrets of Selling Photos Online For Beginners In Today’s Competitive Market

If you want to make some extra money or earn good income then instead of searching for a part time job you can search through your hard drive to find digital photos you might have stocked on it sometime ego. You can select some of the best photographs to sell them online through some website stocking such photos to sell on behalf of the photographer. The information provided in this write-up can help to make it easy for selling photos online for beginners.

The websites that sell photographs on behalf of the photographers are known as Microstock websites because they collect micropayments from the buyer of those photographs to pass it on to the photographer. Most of these websites start pricing images smallest in size from $1 which increases with the size and quality of the images. and are among the microstock websites that can help the beginners or amateur photographers to sell their images online.

Most of these websites charge no fee from the photographers for uploading their portfolios, once they are approved as a contributor. Instead of uploading fee they usually charge certain percentage of the sale proceeds of their photographs which can vary between 15% – 50% depending upon the quality and quantity of photographs.

How to get started?

Beginners can start selling their photos online then you can start in a stepwise manner.

Step 1

Arrange good equipment: If you really want to earn good money by selling your photos online then you must have proper equipment so that you can click quality photos to sell them at good price online. The photos stocked on your hard drive may or may not have suitable photos for this purpose. According to experts, instead of investing on high-end camera you should buy one the settings of which you can control easily to shoot sharp and clear images.

Step 2

Set your niche: You can be a successful photographer if your photographs are consistently based on some theme or style like fashion, travel, nature, foods or landscapes etc. You can set your niche on the basis of the type of your photos that harmonise with the liking of your audience. People can buy your photos if they attract them at first sight. You should not compromise with the quality of your photos as they are inspected by the professionals at Microstock websites before approving for posting them online. They usually select technically best images for this purpose.

Step 3

Create a portfolio: After taking some good photographs, it is time to build a strong and diverse portfolio. According to experts you should set a goal to upload a definite number of pictures every week or month so that you can get recognition from the microstock websites. It will help the website to make commercial use of your images through various industries on its customers’ list.

Step 4

Use proper keywords: The chances of selling your images online can increase if correct keywords are used with them. it will help search engines to recognise your images to display them on SERPs.
After you sell your photos and videos online, you can learn from the experience. It’s likely that you have a natural eye for photography or videography and can sell more.

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